The Outlook Of Chinese Aluminum Industry

In China, there are about 300 kinds of aluminum alloy materials in use, covering more than 1500 kinds of varieties. It formed an industrial pattern that we import lots of resources based on huge domestic demand, and export moderate amount of aluminum processing products. Based on the comprehensive advantages and environmental benefits of aluminum, we see very broad application prospects as it can be the substitution of wood, copper, plastic and steel etc.

On the application aspect of aluminum, the market of US, Europe and other developed countries is already stable; while in China, with sustained economic development and urbanization process, driven by endogenous innovation and favorable external environment, the huge demand with the expansion of aluminum application scope will be prompted.

According to relative report, in the 11th Five-Year Plan period, the GAGR (Gross Annual Growth Rate) of aluminum was 16.2%; in the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the GAGR was 11.6% ; and the forecast of the 13th will be 7%. With the increase in annual per capita growth rate, most of the overcapacity will be digested.

The research of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association shows that, the future expansion of aluminum consumption field will be in transportation sector like aluminum trailors, aluminum car body panels; construction sector of aluminum templates, aluminum surrounding panels, aluminum composite panels; power and electricity sector of aluminum alloy cables, copper-aluminum composite conductors; packaging sector of aluminum cans, aluminum foils, lunch boxes and aluminum caps; other sectors of aluminum trays, aluminum bridges and anti-flood walls etc. 

For example,  in foreign countries, aluminum trailers account for about 70% in whole trailer proportion, while in China 3.5 million truck trailer are almost made of steel, with aluminum ones only account for 2%. There is a huge market in transportation field for aluminum processing products.

By introducing aluminum material in various field is an inevitable trend, and it will be the optimized solution for environmental pollution by saving energy.

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