Global Aluminum Market For Building And Construction

     650773467000378844.jpgAccording to relative report, he global aluminum market for building and construction sector to grow at a CAGR of 6.31% during the period 2016-2020.

    A trend helping to boost market growth is the increased use of aluminum in BIPV systems. BIPV systems are considered as green initiatives. BIPV systems are aluminum-framed photovoltaic systems.

    These systems are used in facades and roofs of buildings. In BIPV systems, a thin solar cell is integrated into flat roofs made of polymer roofing membrane. Instead of conventional construction materials, these systems are used as a source of energy in buildings and help reduce the overall cost of construction. Aluminum facades can be installed on old buildings giving them a new look as well as a functional advantage as these materials help in generating renewable energy.

    A key growth driver is the increase in automation of building systems.  Building automation improves the efficiency of building systems by reducing energy consumption, improving the lifecycle of utilities, and enhancing occupant comfort. Aluminum extrusions are used for manufacturing building profile systems as fine, value-added solutions.

   These products are increasingly used in the form of windows, doors, facades, and sliding doors in modern high-rise buildings, commercial buildings, and star hotels.

   Aluminum profiles are gaining market share due to their slim structure, durability, and negligible maintenance cost. Unlike steel, aluminum products do not have insulation limitations; thus, desirable insulation value can be attained with these profiles.


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