Aluminium Profiles In TV Industry

20120827045641621.jpgIn recent years, because of the changes of the upstream screen resources of TV industry, the design of the TV appearance has been reformed. It brings two transformations: from the design of the shell to the design of the modular structure and the shell, and the transformation from the plastic material to metallic materials. Talking about metallic materials, aluminium profiles are widely used in the medium frame, decorative parts, front shells and bases of the TV industry, and becoming the mainstream of application.

I. Application of Aluminum Profiles in Shell Frames:

At the 2012 CES exhibition, South Korea LG exhibited the world's first borderless TV LM9600, using a metal bending box to attract a large visitor's vision. Since then LG opened the ART3,ART5 series of full screen resources, also opened the television industry's new direction of design.

ART3 the whole screen "ultra narrow border" concept and ART5 "no border" full screen, both require the use of metal frames to protect the screen body and mask the side screw holes. Through practice, the use of aluminum profiles with bending, can form a good strength, high precision, effectively controled structure to meet requirements.

II. Application of Aluminium Profiles in Decorative Parts

The ultra narrow borderless TV frame is made of bended aluminium profile, and by adopting the same metal materials instead of formal plastic ones can avoid assembly gap problems for the bottom border.

The first time Konka borderless TV 9000 series used aluminum decorative pieces, it not only effectively protected and supported the borderless screen, but aslo had the side aluminum box in perfect connection.

III. Application of Aluminium Profiles in the Front Shell

1, Four-sided aluminium profiles front shell

The front shell of the modular machine adopts both the appearance and the structure of the fixed screen glass. The common metal stamping parts are made and there is little change of details, saving high mould cost and limitation of structural design. At this time, the application of four-sided aluminum profiles of the front shell, Konka 9800 series emerged.

The 9800 series Front Shell adopts the unique laser welding technology, which will control the stitching gap of the four sides of aluminium profiles under 0.1mm, combining the border with the highlight drill-cutting process, highlighting the handicraft texture of the high-end flagship model. It is worth mentioning that the series of different sizes of the front shell with a unified cross-section profile, a common set of profiles molds to reduce mold inputs and material management costs, greatly improved the yield and production efficiency. So R & D and production costs are greatly optimized. It also guarantee the exquisite quality of products, so that products are in a dominant position in the market competition.

2, aluminum profiles without scar bending front box

The industry continues to develop, technology progress, the user experience is also rising. Konka Easy TVslim8800 Series carries the "narrower, thinner" user needs. The use of unique aluminum profiles non-mark bending process, to create a new technology and user experience combined with the dream model.

IV. Application of luminium profiles in the base

With the evolution of ultra narrow ultra-thin TV, the base has given up the clumsy plastic modelling by adopting lightweight and strong supporting strength of aluminium base. 2013 Sony pioneered small-size modular machine, with low-cost aluminum bending base, through smart design to optimize the process and cost collocation. And the follow-up has successively launched a variety of large cross-section of aluminum double-foot base, set off a new base material trends.

1, aluminum profile bending base

The SONYW650A base is the shape of the small cross-section aluminium profile, with the surface anodized.And it is connected to the TV through a transfer bracket. The base design is simple and inexpensive, making it a good example of application in the industry.

2, large cross-section aluminum profile two feet base

SONYW850B two feet base with originality.  It adopts large cross-section of aluminum by stretching, then cutting, grinding, CNC maching and subsequent oxidation processing. The advantages are obvious: first, the transfer bracket and the base are integrated , saving the assembly process to improve production capacity; secondly, it has compact size which is more cost efficient; Thirdly, the stability of large size models is better.


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