Aluminium Green Manufacturing Era

In recent years, Chinese aluminium extrusions and industrial exports continued to rise, from the media blitz. However, one from the aluminium Association reported here, although China's aluminium production in the world market is very competitive, but in recent years, the situation is still not optimistic. Domestic aluminium profile industries suffered frequent United States, and Canada, and Australia and other developed countries initiated anti-dumping and anti-monopoly investigations, to the appreciation of the Yuan and aluminium exports remained stagnant. "Currently exports mainly to Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa and other regions, most companies exports accounted for an annual production capacity of about 20%". China aluminium manufacturing and processing industry will face more intense competition in the domestic market, industry without delay.

Facing the increasingly fierce competition, some companies quickly jumped, change the direction of development, and expand the industrial chain, even moved to end-product market. They achieved some success, but the pressure will be enormous, and how to develop new customers, expanding channels operations and so on, each one will be the business had to face new challenges. Terminal distribution compared to mature markets, aluminium processing enterprises should pay attention to quality, from the production process and increase competitiveness on cost control.

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