Anodized Aluminium Profiles For Drawer Handles

Anodized Aluminium Profiles For Drawer Handles
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Wuxi XSX Metal Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China aluminium frames manufacturers. Equipped with one of the famous factory, XMETALS welcomes enquiry for high-quality Anodized Aluminium Profiles for drawer Handles, cabinet handles, anodized aluminium extrusions, and aluminium handrails. Aluminium extruded profiles catalog and price list can be offered at your reuqest. 

A). Description: 

(1). Alloy Temper: mainly 6000 series, T3-T8; 

(2). Certification: ISO9001: 2008; 

(3). Surface treatment avaiable: Anodized 

(4). Color avaiable: Anodized: silver/Matt/ Bronze/Black/Titanium/Champagne/Golden Nickel etc.     (5). Deep machining: Precise cutting, drilling, tapping, CNC milling etc; 

(6). Custom Design 

B). Dimensions:As per customers' requirement. 

C). Advantages: 

(1). Quality-assured products, fully accredited by ISO9001: 2008; 

(2). Competitive price; 

(3). Reliable quality & Strictly quality control process. 

(4). The products are manufactured by first-class automated equipment and advanced quality inspection & test facilities. Die excellent accuracy up to 0.02mm; 

(5). Non-toxic processing; 

D). Key feature: 

(1). 2 years Warranty 

(2). Various Dies Available 

(3). High corrosion resistance 

(4). High weather resistance 

(5). Good wear resistance & anti-scratch 


E). Applications:

(1).Aluminium Handles for drawers 

(2).Aluminium handrails 

(3).Aluminium decoration profiles 

(4).Aluminium Cabinet Profiles


Alloy: 6063 6061 6060 6005 6082 7075 

Temper : T4, T5, T6 

Surface Finish: Mill finish Anodizing Powder Coating Wood Grain Electrophoresis Brushed 

Color: Anodizing: Silver, bronze, champagne, titanium, nickel, golden yellow, etc. 

Anodizing thickness is up to 25um. 

Powder Coating: White, black, bronze, grey, green, etc . 

Powder coating thickness is more than 60um. 

Electrophoresis: Silver, nickel, golden yellow, black, champagne, etc 

Polishing Silver, nickel, golden yellow, black, etc 

Brushing: Silver, nickel, golden yellow, black, bronze, etc 

Machining: Cutting, Punching, Drilling, bending, Welding, Milling, CNC, etc. 

OEM customized aluminium profiles are available. 


Architecture Louver / shutter Handrail and barrier Gutter detritus Decorations, Shower enclousre Square pipes and "U"/ "I"/"L" profile Custom design aluminium products 


Solar panel for frame and bracket 

Production line  

Heat sink for lighting, speaker, & electrical equipment 

Furniture parts 

White board


mounting bracket/frame for bike  


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